SPA-CE will be held from 20 to 23 October 2019 in the Rogaška Slatina Health Resort

The unique composition of the natural mineral water Donat Mg is still today the main reason for Rogaška Slatina being a popular European Health Spa resort specialised for healing and easing chronicle gastrointestinal, metabolic management and psychosomatic diseases for centuries. The beautiful promenade located between Secession buildings has been connecting the famous health resort with the world-class medical centre for centuries.

Rogaška Medical Centre, Grand Hotel Rogaška, Grand Hotel Sava, Atlantida Boutique Hotel together with the Rogaška Tourism have joined the forces to host the 11th SPA-CE B2B experience. We are convinced that 2 days in Rogaška health resort will give you knowledge and ideas on what can be offered to your clients. You will learn all about the healing power of the mineral water Donat Mg, which is the basis of the therapeutic procedures in the renowned Medical centre and about the numerous wellness programmes.

Important addresses

Balnea Superior Hotel (accommodation from 20 – 21 October)
Zdraviliški trg 7, SI-8350 Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia
T: + 386 (0)8 205 0300


Grand Hotel Rogaška (accommodation from 21 – 23 October)
Zdraviliški trg 12, SI-3250 Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia
T: +386 (0)3 811 20 00


Rogaška Slatina – distances from other cities

Ljubljana: 1h 40min /112 km
Trieste: 2h 35min /207km
Graz: 1h 35min /116km
Zagreb: 1h 25min /87.2km
Vienna: 3h 25min /303km
Budapest: 4h 10min /344km

Closest airports

Zagreb airport (ZAG): 1h 23min /87.2km
Ljubljana airport (LJU): 1h 56min /122km
Trieste airport (TRS): 2h 45min /237km
Venice airport (VCE): 4h 06min /346km