SPA-CE will be held from 17th to 19th November 2017 in Ptuj Thermal Spa in Grand Hotel Primus **** (Superior)


Ptuj Thermal Spa is located on the right bank of Drava river, only 10 minutes walk from towns centre. It is situated between the wine-growing regions of Slovenske gorice and Haloze and between culture and history. The town of Ptuj saw its heyday in the time of ancient Rome. It’s the oldest town in Slovenia. Today Ptuj is known as Slovenia’s best known carnival town. Most of the town centre is protected as a monument of cultural and historical significance.


The 35 year old Ptuj Spa is one of the youngest spas in Slovenia, but the beneficial effects of the Ptuj thermal water were already known to the ancient Romans, who built the settlement of Poetovio – now Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia. Terme Ptuj still lives in harmony with the spirit of ancient Rome with special offers based on enjoyment, pampering and games. The eventful program of Roman games and ancient-roman weddings are organized for their guests every year.


If you are looking to restore or strengthen your health, Terme Ptuj is the place for you. They can offer you a unique and comprehensive medical, therapeutic or relaxing treatments. As well as improving rheumatic conditions and bone and cartilage disorders, the thermo-mineral water of Ptuj is known to have a positive effect on some neurological diseases. The opulent wellness centre has a range of themed baths and various types of massage. They offer carefree enjoyment in the spirit of the wealthy Romans. Meanwhile conference guests will learn the true meaning of games – the Terme Ptuj themed programmes are playful, have the spirit of a carnival and include activities outside the conference halls. The 4,200 m² large water park offers indoor and outdoor water adventures, worthy of any coliseum and they have the largest water-slide system in Slovenia.


There are a number of different accommodation options available in Terme Ptuj. Grand Hotel Primus ****(Superior) is the central hotel offering accommodation in the style of ancient Rome. In the Terme Ptuj Bungalows, guests can enjoy all the comforts of a hotel room away from the hustle and bustle of hotels. The Terme Ptuj Apartments are furnished with a kitchen and offer a high degree of independence. Camping Terme Ptuj also comprises Holiday Huts and the Wine Village, which offers accommodation in genuine wine barrels.

Grand Hotel Primus ****(Superior)

The Grand Hotel Primus****(superior) is a medium-sized hotel with 119 rooms. The hotel was named after the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius Primus, who was the first to carry the name of Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, out into the world. The town’s rich Roman history can be felt at every step: guests of the hotel can relax in a Roman-style wellness centre or enjoy culinary delicacies based on recipes from the distant past. For a different type of enjoyment, there is the Ptuj Golf Course. Even the MICE services have a touch of ancient Rome about them. Next to the hotel there is a large thermal water park featuring an Olympic-size swimming pool for the enjoyment of guests of all ages.

Unique medical & wellness treatments

Terme Ptuj guests and visitors can enjoy the full benefits of thermal water in the Thermal Park and in the swimming pools of the Valens Augusta Centre in Grand Hotel Primus. Ptuj Thermal Spa is regularly ranked among the top spa wellness centres in Slovenia. You can try a hedonistic pampering of the body and spirit, sauna in wine barrels, or if you are looking for more dynamic way to relax, you can visit the Ptuj Thermal Park. You can also enjoy the Med Contour for shaping your body or Med Visage, unique treatment for natural rejuvenation.

How to get there:

Terme Ptuj / Ptuj Thermal Spa
Pot v Toplice 9,
SI-2251 Ptuj

T: +386 2 74 94 500


Distance from other cities
Maribor: 30min / 33,5km (19km on highway)
Ljubljana : cca 1h 30min / 130km (105km on highway)
Graz: cca 1h 20min / 100km (86km on highway)
Zagreb: cca 1h 30min/ 92km (crossing of Schengen border may prolong the journey!)
Vienna: cca 2h 45min / 283km (267km on highway)
Budapest: cca 3h / 333km (306km on highway)
Munich: cca 5h 30min / 511km (500km on highway)

Closest airports
Graz airport (GRZ): 1h / 93km
Zagreb airport (ZAG): 1h 20min / 105km
Ljubljana airport (LJU): 1h 30min / 132km